Monday, August 27, 2012

"Momma always said...."

It's a park bench.  Okay, she didn't say that, but I didn't know what else to title this.  I'm working on a city block, bit by bit.  I'll model something and then add to it.  I might take a break from modeling and add texture to somethings, but I really want to focus on modeling an environment right now.

Friday, August 10, 2012

After Effects Projects

So, I just realized that I hadn't yet posted any of the After Effects work that I did at CSUN. 

Now that that's been corrected, here are two videos. The things I did on them were: key lighting, color corrections, layering, and more.  Just some basic stuff I believe.  Once I get to a computer with After Effects, I'll try to make a break down, but for now I'm focusing on modeling.
(If you could tell what I did in them, then I suppose I didn't do a very good job and won't need any breakdowns.)

If you're really interested, more could be found here:

Friday, July 13, 2012

Reel Part 2!!

Demo Reel, Part 2. Enough said.  I still need to fix it and update it someday when I get my computer up and running again.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Speed Modeling

            It's interesting how a modeling challenge can evolve. I feel like a jerk, but I’m really not trying to show up my friend.  She’s actually doing pretty go for just starting, and for the instructor she has.  But when she models something, I try to model it too, and do it faster.  It’s good practice for me, and they’re easy assignments.  So that’s what these are.
            The building took about 30 minutes.  So did the body of the pony, extruding the hair took too damn long.  I’ll need to find another method.  


My Little Pony

Dreamwork Critique

I haven’t posted much lately.  I’ve been working on some Maya projects, but feel I should take out my sketch book pretty soon.  Nevertheless, here’s what I’ve been working on, if you’ve been to my blog before, or even just scroll down, you’ll see Gina.  Soon she’ll be in 3D.  The other model is a spaceship I decided to work on.  I keep going back and forth between the two. It helps, because sometimes you need a break from on project.  For the spaceship, I’ve been making different props to put in the ship from time to time as well.  I’m later going to put in details and designs into the ship wall, floor and what not.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.
But the main reason is because Dreamworks Critique is coming up, and hopefully I’ll be able to go. If I’m really lucky, I’ll be sitting up in front of everyone being told what I did wrong.  And believe it or not, that’s the one I want.

Gina is unfinished, her hair is being a problem and I'm not ready to attach her limbs yet.  It’s a very stylistic character, so I’m trying to stay true to that.
Gina (front)

Gina (right)
Sometimes I like to use Maya as a sketch book, where I open her up and just start modeling.  That is what I’m doing here.  But still, like drawing something I’m not to sure about, I do look at references as I go along.



Crew Quarter 

Captain Quarters

Engine Room

Monday, February 13, 2012

Demo Reel

            So this took the better part of the weekend to put together.  While at the same time modeling stuff to add to it later.  So here it is finally, my demo reel as of right now.  By the end of the semester I should have another environment (not just a bed room) and possibly two characters.  Enjoy.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reel Time

So I forgot how long it takes Maya to rendering something out.  I currently decided to focus on modeling for my animation career.  So I’m putting together a new reel to do just that.  You’ve seen my other rotations of my other character’s below, and a picture of my MP3 player.  But now I have a rotation of him, next up are room pans to show some rooms I molded. Enjoy.